Monday, November 22, 2010

RIP Unkn0wn Critic...

I'm already missing Unkn0wn Critic. At this point it looks as though the site won't be kept up, hopefully not deleted but definitely not utilized. As of now anon comments are disabled and the only things mentioned are "PLEASE DON'T DELETE THIS BLOGGGG!!!!" I for one am dieing for some new guru news to hate on lol. I'd like to think we can all migrate here and continue doing what we all do best----call out these dumb bitches. I'm throwing up this initial post so that we all have a place to leave some much needed comments about whatever the hell is annoying/disgusting us about the beauty community. In a couple of days if it looks like you guys want a new troll home, I'll write an actual post. Until then......enjoy!

one more thing----WHERE THE FUCK IS KAI?!