Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remembering Failyn, Resurrected Guhroos and a Lollypop leaves her Candyland

First off--Apparently thome thuperthtar is thuper happy her thuper life is taking off so quickly that she has absolutely no time to get on youtube! At least that's the story lil Kai Kai would love for us all to believe when in fact another much more believable rumor is circulating. Apparently the one and only Mama Wilcher disconnected poor Failyns internet. Whatever the case may be we wish you well Wilcher family and until any new gossip springs up, UCTS won't be perpetuating the nonsense. (That doesn't mean you guys can't though!)

Moving on; ever wonder how to get youtube to cry for you? Sure, sob stories might have worked in the past but come on guys it's 2010! Which means you gotta pull out the big guns if you want any chance at tugging on the heartstrings of faithful subscribers everywhere. So how do you do it? Kill yourself off. Yep, you heard me--fake your death. Haven't you heard?! It's the latest craze! Why just today Wurnell1971 died only to be magically resurrected 15 hours later! Someone build this woman a church because you jussa trus me know the LORD gone done and spoke his word through her today! Story is "her phone was hacked" and some guy sent texts to her friends masquerading as her sister and claiming she had died. A bunch of "we'll miss you wurnell" videos sprung up on youtube. HOWEVER, my favorite video on this topic would have to be DailyPSA's "Retraction" video; seen here: in which Wurnell herself is dialed up and asked to tell her story. I find this whole situation a little 7th grade but I don't know; what do you guys think?

Lastly. Lollypop26 has said to be taking an "extended holiday" from youtube as well as her blog. I don't know about you guys but I don't mind her so much. Nevertheless, it's news and I thought I'd leave it up to you guys to make the call. Will the beauty community be lonely without her? Will other gurus be happy she's gone? Are you happy she's gone? Let me know!

Until next time my fellow refresh queens..